3 Ways to Build an Active Lifestyle with your Family

3 Ways to Build an Active Lifestyle with your FamilyCreating an Active Lifestyle

If your child is enrolled in a school that takes advantage of VARIDESK Education’s stand up desks, that's a great step towards a healthier future!

But It's Just One Step

Building an active lifestyle isn't something that happens exclusively at school. As a matter of fact, most of the learning on this subject actually happens at home. We created our standing desks so that students could take advantage of the school day without the excessive sedentary lifestyle. But if this enthusiasm for healthy living isn't continued at home, our mission is never complete. No amount of education can prepare students for a healthy future if they go straight back home into an unhealthy environment.

There are a few simple things that you can do at home to keep kids active througout the day. Changing unhealthy habits may seem like a difficult job, but follow these three ideas and it will quickly become fun and easy.

1. Turn Off the Technology

Often times, parents think that this means they should simply limit their kids' time on electronics. But even though that may work in the short-term, they will still grow up watching how YOU interact with the virtual world. Instead of simply taking away phones and limiting TV time, try to take on these challenges as a family.

One great option for this is designating one night as "tech-free". Many people follow a "tech-free Tuesday" rule where, instead of looking at a screen, families play games and spend time together. Find an option that works for the whole family; don't just restrict the kids.

2. Go Outside

When the weather is nice, take advantage of it! In the spring, make an effort to go to parks as a family while the flowers and trees are in full bloom. A great summertime activity is going for a swim at your local pool. When fall rolls around, dedicate some time to seasonal activities such as apple-picking or pumpkin carving.

Even the winter has fun possibilities; instead of a fake tree, cut down your own, or go skiing as a family. It isn't possible to fully live an active lifestyle when you spend all of your time indoors. Not only is exploring nature a fun family outing, but it also has great health benefits.

3. Take Advantage of Chores

Sometimes, it is hard to make time for special outdoor events or tech-free days. But since chores are always necessary, why not make them active? A great way to get your family positively engaged in chores is by making them a game. One fun example for little kids is to have them put away toys by color, as fast as they can. This is a fun competition that makes them run around and get excited. For older kids, try turning on music and dancing while you clean. Making chores physical is a great way to incorporate elements of an active lifestyle without scheduling extra events.

With all of these simple tricks, being active is an attainable goal for any family at any stage. Even if your child has a standing desk at school, that's only half of the battle. Your children look up to you more than any other influence in their lives. So help them out by promoting an active lifestyle from a young age; they will reap the benefits both now and later.

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