Benefits of Aerobic Exercises for Students While Standing

Benefits of Standing Desks for students in the classroom

Aerobic Exercises During the Day Leads to Better Health

In a traditional classroom setting, students sit in chairs for many hours. In the recent article, “Boys Who Sit Still Have a Harder Time Learning to Read”, written by Time,  references a study published in the Journal of Medicine and Sport showing that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy.

This is particularly true for young children, who are full of energy and need to move their bodies regularly and participate in aerobic exercises. Many children find it difficult to sit still, and sitting for too long can have a negative effect on their academic skills. Parents and educators will find many of the standing desk benefits help aid students' academic achievement.


Decreases in Gym and Recess Time

Recess and gym times have been reduced or even eliminated in many elementary schools. Schools often replace these physical activities with academics. This leaves little time for movement in the classroom or aerobic exercises, which can actually lead to poorer academic performance and more classroom distractions. Classroom distractions negatively impact the entire learning sequence for all students.


Physical Activity Leads to Academic Growth

The Journal of Medicine and Sport found that young boys who sit for long periods of time have difficulty advancing in reading and math. The study also found that boys who were allowed more physical activity made greater progress in these academic areas. These findings have caused many education professionals to question the way classrooms are structured.

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Sitting still can also have a negative impact on test performance, which can be remedied by the use of standing desks. A recent study also found that high school freshmen scored 7 - 14 percent better on test scores when they used standing desks for one year.


Connection Between Exercise and Learning

Exercise has been found to improve both learning and memory. Specifically, light exercise during learning has been found to be the most beneficial for memory retention. This gets the blood flowing throughout the body and more importantly gets oxygen to the brain for increased focus and learning.

When students use standing desks, they are able to move their bodies and focus their brains. Teachers who have classrooms with standing desks for students report that kids are more focused and awake. When students' physical bodies are engaged in aerobic exercises, they are more likely to become mentally engaged as well.

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The Benefits of Standing Desks