Why Attention to Personal Well-Being Trains You for Success in Life

Why Attention to Personal Well-Being Trains You for Success in LifeCreating Positive Personal Well-Being 

By taking better care of ourselves, our goals, and finding what is most important to us, everyone ultimately benefits. VARIDESK Education encourages healthy practices that will serve you throughout life. The crucial part about integrating healthy habits into your everyday life is to set goals and prepare yourself. Buffer your life with preventative action add smart choices, and see your life flourish.

Setting new habits can be hard, so we love to find small ways to make the processes easier. Here at the VARIDESK Education office, we focus on what we refer to as SMART goals. This stands for the qualities to consider when setting and achieving goals.

Specific: Is your goal simple enough to easily define?

Measurable: Can you track and be motivated by a specific result?

Achievable: Is your goal attainable?

Relevant: Is this goal being set at the right time for your environment or needs?

Time: Does your goal have a deadline or is it time sensitive?


By setting healthy boundaries we learn how to navigate our world and what it really takes to follow through with sometimes difficult tasks.

Goal setting has numerous benefits, and we found that this approach is totally realistic and fun to do! When you start the habit of setting SMART goals, we will find that you will stay more mindful of your goals, and at the end of the day, feel more accomplished.

Get This...

SMART goal setting tactics extend to just about any field in life-- fitness, home life, work, school. Set academic goals that include better grade point averages, or a set number of chores around the house that promote family harmony and cleanliness. Using a system of writing down goals and charting them is an excellent way to promote accountability and is a visual cue for the person who is trying to accomplish the goal. 

This sense of having realistic ideas and seeking to follow through with them is a crucial aspect of developing into healthy habits. Goals can extend into any of the eight measures of well-being, which are:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional/mental
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Occupational
  • Social
  • Intellectual

Picking three spheres a month to focus on with your students is realistic and shows them how proper planning can accomplish a world of good in their lives. 

Prevent the Problem

Small goal setting can build into larger goals. Preventative action by asking questions and getting an idea of where the child is in their lives can prevent larger problems from arising. Ask the child what he or she thinks their strengths are. Let them focus on their strengths, and then bridge into what they didn't identify as strengths and suggest ideas to develop those areas.

This opens many doors for the future where they are empowered and self-confident. Condition your students to act optimistic and proactive and you will help raise the future leaders of tomorrow to be adults who have a good head on their shoulders and the life skills necessary to achieve great things.

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