Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Point to Standing Desks

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Point to Standing DesksThe Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Imagine being a kid and having the want to go outside to run around but being confined to a desk for the majority of the day. There becomes so much built up energy that leads to distractions in the class. How can we find a balance between letting kids exercise but also stay focused on the lesson at hand?

Our team at VARIDESK Education has put in countless hours researching standing desk benefits in the classroom. We have found that the addition of standing in the classroom brings together the benefits of aerobic exercise and increases students focus in the classroom.  Our friends at Fit&Me provide amazing tips and advice for aerobic exercise possibilities. Today we are going to share with you the benefits of moving and standing at a standing desk.

Reducing High Blood Pressure and Fighting Diabetes

Important health issues that society is facing today for all ages are high blood pressure and diabetes. High blood pressure and diabetes are common amongst grown adults 25 years old and above. However, young kids/teenagers are starting to experience the two health implications due to their daily diets, inactivity of exercise, and/or diseases that are out of their control.

It has been proven that consistent aerobic exercise on a routine basis can help reduce the risk of these health complications. High blood pressure and diabetes can cause the heart to become weak in its natural functioning abilities. Engaging in aerobic exercise for at least 2 hours a week helps strengthen the heart. These exercises at standing desks are simple and efficient at helping you actively avoid these health problems altogether.

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Jump Starting your Metabolism

Standing at a standing desk will also jump start your metabolism. As we are in the period of time where recess classes are being cut short, students are expected to sit for long periods of time, and childhood obesity is on the rise standing up helps to combat these issues. Calories from proteins, sugar, and fat components can cause a person's weight to stay the same (or increase). Conserving a stable metabolism for your BMI helps to counteract these effects. 

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Efficiently Maintaining Oxygen Flow

Your oxygen use embodies a key element to the previous tips we have shared here. Standing helps oxygen flow freely through your body and allows your body to not have to work overtime in order to distribute oxygen appropriately. This simple action aids in reducing high heart rates and potential side effects. Standing up during times a student could be sitting down begins to build healthy habits that will help their overall health in the long-term.

With the tips and advice on the benefits of aerobic exercise, we hope that it takes unnecessary stress out of classroom life. If you have any questions, concerns, or even firsthand experience with aerobic exercises at standing desks — feel free to let your perspective be heard in the comments section.

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