4 Undeniable Benefits of Good Posture That You Can Use Today

Benefits of Good Posture for Your Everyday LifeBenefits of Good Posture

Stand up straight. Don't slouch. Walk with your head up. Whether from a drill sergeant or your mother, you have probably heard these admonitions and orders many times in your life. If you are still young, you might think of them as nagging. If you are older and have started to creak and groan in the morning and right before it rains, you've probably are beginning to pick up on the benefits of good posture.

The good news is, that wherever you are in life, it is likely not too late to make a positive posture change. What follows are some pointers to help you make that change and some compelling reasons you might not have considered to convince you that you should.

The Benefits of Good Posture Throughout Your Life

The benefit of practicing good posture can brings so many other benefits than just strong back muscles. When you practice purposeful posture, you move with more authority. Forming a solid posture for your life, brings along the feeling of positivity and empowerment into your everyday workspace. Since practicing good posture can increases your blood flow and the oxygen that reaches your brain creating in your life can increase your memory.

The same is true in social settings, the benefits of good posture just keep coming. People actively practicing good posture will portray a positive self image of themselves to those around them. As well, it will make them look slimmer and younger by just practicing proper posture.

How to Practice Proper Posture

  • 1. Hold your head like you are balancing an imaginary book
  • 2. Keep your back straight and shoulders back
  • 3. Fill your lungs
  • 4. Breathe easily simply because a straight back makes breathing easier
  • 5. Look at where you wanted to go
  • 6. Take your first step
  • 7. Shift your weight to the balls of your feet
  • 8. Prepare from the start, to side-step or step over anything that might bar your way
  • 9. Walk toward every destination with these practices in play and you will feel increased energy.
  • You will notice, over time, greater strength and a reduction of back pain. You will not notice so many new health problems.

Additionally, as these practices become a habit, you will discover that the self-confidence walking with a purpose implies is actually very real. You will almost certainly feel healthier and better about yourself because you will have become healthier, mentally and physically.

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What if You Don't Want To?

Well it is a free country, but do you really believe you will enjoy not only the loss of all the benefits of good posture mentioned above but also poor circulation, increased risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, and increasing difficulty sleeping and recovering from illness? Good posture and healthy movement are among the cheapest and easiest tools available to us in our drive for a happier and all-around better future, but it is up to you.

Don't Stop There

Practicing good posture should be holistic. Meaning you should employ good posture in all aspects of your life. If you have ever been to the gym or even physical education in high school, you know that good posture during a workout is vital to prevent injury and achieve the desired results.

What you may not have considered is that if you are moving, even just breathing, you are working out. In the same way that walking with a purpose affects nearly everything about you, so does how you sit and stand, and all of these practices support and inform each other. In other words, doing all of it together makes doing each of them easier, more habitual, and more effective.

How to Make Good Posture and Purpose Part of Who You Are

As covered above, the basics and benefits of healthy, conscious movement are nothing new to most of us. "Shoulders back, head up, and eyes front!" have probably echoed since the first time a mother saw a slouching teenager.

You can learn more benefits of good posture from us if you are interested, but in the meantime, stand up straight, shift your weight to the balls of your feet, put your shoulders back, and keep your head held high.