Standing Desks Improve Childrens BMI

Standing Desks Improve Childrens BMIBMI Research Results from Dr. Mark Benden

We’re told that our children should move more, eat healthier and spend less time on digital devices. But what if one simple option of moving more at a standing desk during part of their school day could affect every aspect of their health NOW and in the FUTURE by altering their BMI?

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What is this mysterious BMI every health official touts about? Body Mass Index is a weight to height ratio that is used as an indicator of obesity and underweight. It is expected that as a child grows, their BMI varies significantly. Remember those ‘chubby’ months prior to a growth spurt? Then you ‘stretched’ out and everything was back in balance again. However, for children of today’s society the balancing act is harder and harder to maintain. Our childrens BMI is higher than generations past. If your child’s weight gain outpaces their height gain significantly, their BMI increases.

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High BMIs are linked to a plethora of health issues – diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer.

NOT what we want for our children. Many schools are reducing P.E. times and even eliminating recess for elementary students. NOT the answer we are looking for as parents and teachers. There are many options, methods and expert opinions to counteract our childrens BMI increase. One simple method is to allow your child to stand and move more throughout the day using a stand-biased desk aka a standing desk. This allows your child to stand at will as well as sit when needed.

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