Improving Children's Health Through Charitable Organizations

Stand2Learn Admires Other Organizations that Encourage Children's Health

Organizations that Encourage Children's Health

1. Fire UP Your Feet is an organization that encourages parents and educators to make a change and take active steps toward children's health and helping increase physical activity before, during, and after school. Fire UP Your Feet encourages children to be active for at least 60 minutes a day and is a core program in the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. In addition to activities like walking to school and using VARIDESK Education standing desks, Fire UP Your Feet also helps students, parents and educators to raise funds.

The charitable organization allows schools to keep 75% of the money raised online and 100% of the money raised onsite. Fire UP Your Feet helps students, parents and educators organize and plan fund raising events; select the most profitable time frame and length of a fund raising activity; generate creative and profitable activities and track fundraising online, as their site says "your fundraiser benefits your school or program PLUS it helps the cause of active schools by supporting a number of national efforts to help active kids do better. So it's a win-win!”

Fire UP Your Feet also has an abundance of other resources including downloadable flyers, posters, newsletter blurbs, samples, social media posts, and more to help you promote the Challenge at your school.

2. Active School Fundraising not only helps students, educators and parents raise money, it encourages fundraising through active-oriented events. With the motto "Raise More. Move More," Active School Fundraising is a "healthier, more active way to fund raise for your school, club or after-school program through walks, runs and other fun physical activity challenges." Active School fundraising provides an online platform with resources available to help reach fundraising goals. Active School Fundraising encourages school to stand up and raise funds in an active manor to help their school's wellness.

This organization is making a name for itself as one of the more creative fundraisers for schools in America. Active School Fundraising partners include Marathon KidsCYCLIQFlag House, and Catch: all companies with a philosophy that is in-line with the research conducted by VARIDESK Education, showing evidence of the health and educational benefits of students continually having some movement throughout the day.

3. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation was founded in response to the growing rate of childhood obesity, but the organization promotes healthy living in every age demographic. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has created programs for schools; students while they are out-of-school; for corporate and industrial entities; and healthcare programs for the elderly. They are working to affect change through exercise, healthy eating, and education. 

This organization approaches student's health from three directions: eating healthy, exercising, and general well-being. The alliance encourages people to stand up, take action and make a change believing that, "If we can empower the people who influence these environments by giving them easy access to the best resources and science-based best practices, we can create a movement that transforms the places kids spend their time into healthy environments that encourage sustainable lifestyles."

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