Why You Should Be Worried About Your Classroom Culture!

Why You Should Be Worried About Your Classroom Culture!Create a Health-Focused Classroom Culture 

Children spend more waking hours in the classroom than they do at home. Teachers are responsible for the academic learning, but with the amount of time spent with students, teachers end up establishing more than just reading and writing skills. Teachers become responsible for cultivating the classroom culture in which students will either thrive or strive in. This culture dictates how students feel about themselves, their peers, and their environment. These emotions are carried into students' home lives and integrated into their personalities.

Creating an effective classroom culture is just as important as academic learning in supporting well-adjusted, confident students. VARIDESK Education believes in establishing a health-focused start to set children up for success in life. That begins with developing a classroom environment in which children feel excited to attend class, and our standing desks can help classrooms obtain just that.

Giving Students Attention

A smile or an encouraging nod goes a long way in nonverbal encouragement for a child. With traditional desks, teachers end up standing over their students. Not only does that make it difficult to nonverbally connect with students, but also it exerts dominance instead of encouragement. Standing desks allow for more eye-to-eye contact between children and teachers. Even when students are sitting in adjustable stools, it is still easy to maintain solid eye contact compared to traditional seating. This allows students to feel their teachers are listening to them, making them feel heard and important which is important to a child's development!

Hold Students Accountable

Creating a high expectation of excellence in an open environment teaches better work ethics and perseverance in the development of children. Standing desks give students room to grow into their own individuality, and, couple that with an increased standard of performance, shapes them into driven and successful individuals!

Mutual Trust

A critical piece of child development is trust. Without that mutual trust between teachers and students, they will not feel safe to make mistakes. The combination of standing desks allowing for more movement, creativity, and freedom along with a teachers' consistent guidance in lessons, mutual trust is being formed in the classroom!

More and more, the focus has shifted to realizing how the culture of a classroom impacts students in an immense way. How children develop their own identity in their childhood years and at school will affect their views as an adult. A healthy and confident start will encourage a successful future for students.

Standing desks can help to cultivate an effective classroom culture in schools. Taking students from a sedentary learning environment to a creative culture that encourages growth, individuality, and health helps shape the classroom for today and encourages healthy habits for tomorrow!

We would love to hear from you! Tell us in the comment section how you are creating a health-focused class culture at your school!

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