Why is the Best Classroom Furniture Not Traditional?

Why is the Best Classroom Furniture Not Traditional?It’s Time for Classroom Furniture to Adapt to Modern Times!

From the nineteenth century schoolhouse to today's modern school system, one thing has not changed much--the furniture. Most classrooms present a teacher's desk at the front with rows of identical student desks covering the rest of the floor plan.

Just because this furniture is common, doesn't mean it's the best option for every student.

What’s the Big Deal?

Nothing has changed in desk design since Little House on the Prairie.


Back then, the students woke up early, worked on the farm, walked to school, sat for MAYBE 2 hours, then walked home and worked MORE. Now our children RIDE to school, sit, RIDE home, sit, eat, go to bed. The different is staggering.

Consider This…

Each desk in a classroom looks the same. But the students that inhabit those desks each day represent a wide array of shapes, sizes, and personalities. Despite this reality, many manufacturers turn to shapes that don't fit the needs of the students who will be using them. One major way that scientists and inventors figure out the best furniture shapes for different people is through anthropometry, the study of applying detailed measurements of the human body to the clothing and furniture industries. But unfortunately, much of this valuable data is ignored when companies design traditional desks. For example, a study conducted on 689 students in South Africa found that there was a fundamental mismatch between the anthropometric makeup of students and the one-size-fits-all seating arrangements that are provided with typical school desks.

Because of this, the industrial system of one-size-fits-all has morphed into one-size-fits-none. In a time when kids spend six to seven hours a day sitting at their desks, it is crucial that their seating arrangements promote healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles. But today's traditional desks just aren't enough to foster a healthy environment for our kids.

There is a Better Way!

Thankfully, here at VARIDESK Education, we have developed a better way. Our standing desks reach outside of the traditional realm of furniture and reach kids' real needs. All our desks are adjustable to account for the different shapes and sizes of today's classes; each student can adjust his or her own desk to the proper height for their body.

With VARIDESK Education, gone are the days of one-size-fits-none. Instead, we offer up the alternative of any-size-fits-anyone. Not only will your students receive the benefit of having furniture that fits their body, but they will also reap the rewards of a more active lifestyle and decrease in sedentary activity. So, if you are looking for a way to create a better learning environment for your students, increase their health, improve their posture, and met their individual needs, try a VARIDESK Education desk.  

Now that you realize the benefits, browse our product line or request a quote here!

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