Is a Collaborative Office Space Worth a Double Take?

Is a Collaborative Office Space Worth a Double Take?Change to a Collaboration Office Space

As the business and professional world continues to evolve, it's becoming clear that the traditional cubicle-style work environment just isn't cutting it anymore. More and more, people are preferring a more open, collaborative office space for achieving company goals, and research supports this change.

An article by Huffington Post reported that ”recent research by Cornerstone On Demand shows 38 percent of workers feel there is not enough collaboration in the office. Factors that would encourage collaboration, according to participants of the study, include positive recognition of input shared (50 percent), encouragement from senior staff (41 percent), ability to easily share input with different departments (33 percent), and more.”

Office Collaboration Is a Game Changer

There are a number of reasons why collaboration is quickly becoming a focal point for companies of all kinds. First, it's been found that a collaborative office space allows companies to more effectively meet their goals. Yahoo Finance reports that 97 percent of professionals agree that collaboration has a direct impact on projects outcomes.

Flexibility is Encouraged

Second, office collaboration encourages flexibility. When you encourage employees to work together in a space to accomplish goals, solutions are more easily created and productivity increases as a result. Plus, more flexibility means less structure, allowing for more contemporary office spaces. Because of this, the traditional 9-5 job is becoming outdated and being slowly replaced by more online collaboration and a more flexible schedule.

The Secret to Creative Ideas

Third, more collaboration means more creativity. Working alone or with minimal collaboration creates a stagnant creative environment, resulting in a lack of ingenuity. In a collaborative office space, ideas can be bounced off of each other and improved by multiple minds at once, increasing creativity and resulting in better solutions to both simple and complex issues.

Office Standing Desks

Creating a Support System

The fourth benefit of these new collaboration ideas is that it creates a system of accountability for all involved. Individuals working alone have more opportunity to slack off on tasks, but when responsibility rests equally upon every member of a group, each member becomes responsible for each other. Put simply, if one fails, everyone fails. Because of this, each group is more likely to support and encourage each other. Not only does this take the pressure off of the individual employee, it also discourages disciplinary problems, which in turn eases the strain on management.

Let’s Stay In Touch

And finally, a collaborative office space ensures that employees communicate with their coworkers and higher-ups more often, which helps new employees learn the ropes more quickly. Learning is best achieved through collaboration, and when new employees are actively engaging with more experienced individuals, they more quickly pick up on the office routine and hierarchy. This allows for natural mentor-mentee relationships to form, in which both parties can inspire and support each other with increased ease.

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To encourage this type of collaboration some companies are creating “touchdown” areas with standing desks. These are areas in an office that employees can gather area in or around that is not a meeting room or someone’s desk area. It also creates a space for employees to change their environment while still being in the office and having access to the resources that they need to do their jobs.

As you can see, collaboration is not just the newest buzzword in professional circles. It has tangible benefits that create substantial results in office spaces, and is a simple way of increasing productivity and improving employee relations. There are many ways to start creating a collaborative office space, and finding the method that works best for you is the first step to changing your company culture for the better.