Ergonomic Solutions at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the APLU

Ergonomic Solutions at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the APLUMeeting for Ergonomic Solutions

The Association of Public Land Grant Universities (APLU) is an organization that works to advance public universities in North America through research, policy, and advocacy. It is a dynamic and collaborative force for the future of universities, yet has an impressive history as the oldest higher education association in North America.

This year the theme of the APLU annual meeting, held November 12 through the 14th in Washington D.C., was "The Age of Disruption: Navigating, Innovating, and Excelling." As the learning environment changes in classrooms, educators strive to meet the needs of learners. The APLU annual meeting focused on these rapid changes and innovative solutions.

VARIDESK Education (previously know as Stand2Learn) was honored to be selected to represent Texas A&M University and the innovations of the faculty in the area of technology transfer at the 2017 APLU annual meeting. We were one of only twenty organizations selected to attend, and when you consider the goals of the meeting and the mission of VARIDESK Education, it's easy to see why.

Ergonomic Solutions at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the APLU

The ergonomic solutions offered by VARIDESK Education are an excellent example of the kind of thinking that will help educators meet the needs of students today. When students can stand to work, it helps them in many areas, including improving focus, reducing sedentary time, and even reducing BMI. Of course, this transition is not as simple as taking away the chairs, so VARIDESK Education offers different products and information to help classrooms make the switch.

As the world changes, learning environments must change as well. VARIDESK Education is honored that our ergonomic solutions are a part of that change. We believe creative solutions will lead the way in education.

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