4 Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Improve Classrooms

4 Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Improve ClassroomsFall Fundraising Ideas

Fall is upon us, bringing with it cooler temperatures, shorter days, and many opportunities to gather with family, friends and neighbors. Whether it is around a bonfire, dinner table, or football field, fall has a way of bringing us together to celebrate abundance. With so many popular autumn activities, this season is a perfect time for your school to take these fall fundraising ideas and host an event. Raising funds to make improvements to your classrooms and schools can be easy and fun this time of year!

Pumpkin Patch and Decorating Contest

Get the entire family involved in spending time together and creating memories with a pumpkin patch and decorating contest.  Choose a Saturday in late September or early- to mid-October. Buy pumpkins in bulk or make connections with locals farms (if available) and provide carving supplies, judges, and prizes. Families can purchase pumpkins, then carve or decorate them, and enter them in a contest.

The winners can be chosen by volunteer judges, or the crowd can purchase tickets to cast their votes for their favorite entries. Categories can be by age group, scariest pumpkin, cutest pumpkin, etc. Be sure to have prizes for the winners in every category.

Back to School Fall Carnival

Fall carnivals are very popular, provide a day of low-cost family fun, and are a great opportunity to raise money for the school. Partner with local businesses to provide carnival games, prizes and fair food. With this fun fall fundraising idea, a small admission fee can be charged per family, or sell tickets to use for each game, and sell healthy snacks like apples, water, pretzels, nuts and popcorn. . You can also incorporate a cake walk, gift basket auction, or raffle to increase fundraising opportunities.

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Get Fit In Fall

Host a Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed run! Kids can participate in a one-mile fun run in their costumes and get little treats at checkpoints all while encouraging movement in a time of high sugar intake. Or prepare for that extra slice of pumpkin pie with a morning Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. More serious runners can participate in a 5k or 10k with all proceeds going to the school. Trophies or prizes can be provided for the winners in each age group.

Chili Cook-Off

When there's a chill in the air, who doesn't love a good bowl of chili? Individuals or teams can participate by cooking up a big batch of their best chili. Chili-lovers can pay an admission fee to sample each recipe and choose their favorite. You may also get some volunteer "professional" judges, such as the school principal, a favorite coach, and head of the parents' organization. Prizes can go to the crowd favorite and the judges' favorite. If space permits, a pie baking contest, cake walk or raffle can increase the event's revenue.

The fall season is ripe with opportunities to get together, have some fun, and raise money for your school. Any of these fall fundraising ideas are sure to be a hit with the families in your school!

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