Deadlines are Important, But Healthy Eating at Work is Too!

Deadlines are Important, But Healthy Eating at Work is Too!Healthy Eating at Work Can Be a Game Changer 

Using a standing desk is highly recommended for a more active and productive workplace, but it isn't enough: you must also adopt the "standing desk mentality." Being active is only half the battle. Healthy eating at work can go a long way to a happier body and a happier life.

Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980, and over 600 million adults in 2014 were categorized as obese. In some areas, more people die from obesity than being underweight. Obesity is a global epidemic, but obesity is also preventable.

That being said, how can people combat this killer issue? While it isn't always easy, healthy eating at work is definitely attainable, and by understanding its importance, we can institute methods to establish a healthier life.

Work, With a Side of Junk Food

Binge-eating in the workplace equates to less productivity. In fact, people who binge-eat at work earn 15% less than their non binge-eating coworkers. The estimated annual productivity loss as a result of workplace binge-eating for a company with a 1,000 employees is around $107,965. The easiest solution would be to simply stop making poor eating choices, but if it was that easy, everybody would do it!

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With delicious treats lining the front shelves of our homes and grocery stores, resisting the temptation feels near impossible. So, why is it so hard to put down the bag of chips and reach for a stalk of celery?

There are several reasons we cave into our cravings. Two common complaints being that eating healthy is too expensive and too hard to accomplish around our jam-packed schedules. With food steadfastly incorporated into the social fabric of our lives, how can we eat healthier at work with temptations all around us?

Office Standing Desks

We're Here For a Good Time

Don't let your full To-Do List get the better of your health. Even amidst a hectic life, healthy eating at work is necessary and doable with an easy strategy in place:

  • Meal Prep: eating healthy doesn't get much more convenient than this. Whenever you have time, make good use of that refrigerator and prepare healthy meals in advance. With lunch and dinner already set to go, this cuts out on stress, and your body will thank you, too!
  • Throw Away the Trash: just like you wouldn't want garbage lying around, get rid of the junk food in your house and at your workstation. After all, you can’t cave into unhealthy treats if they aren't there. It might be hard to get rid of your sweet treats and salty snacks, but your health will only benefit in the long-term. Who says that healthy snack food can’t taste good too?
  • Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast: thou shalt not skip breakfast. It doesn't have a reputation as the most important meal of the day for nothing. Not only does skipping breakfast promote sluggishness and high-caloric consumption, it decimates your metabolism, which contributes to poor diet. Coming up with health options can be hard to do but here are some delicious, healthy, and easy breakfast ideas for an on the go person like you.
  • What to Eat When Eating Out: We get it, life is crazy and sometimes you have no time to pack a lunch or meal prep. Between work lunches, colleagues going to get lunch together, and just needing to get away from the office for a moment, going out to eat can be unavoidable. However, the option to eat healthy does not have to stop when you go out! There are still way to make healthy choices even at popular restaurants, we just have to be intentional about our food choices.