Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Easily Minimize Holiday Stress

Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Easily Minimize Holiday Stress

Minimize Holiday Stress

Most people look forward to the holidays as a time to unwind and relax with our family and friends. But, too many of us get so caught up in making the holidays perfect that we end up creating unnecessary stress.  

Deadlines at work, holiday parties and decorating, visiting family and friends, and shopping for gifts can tire out even the healthiest individuals.  To avoid weariness and stress this year, try implementing these healthy lifestyle choices into your holiday routine.

Physical Activity To Relieve Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving traditions often involve a huge meal, a plateful of snacks while watching a football game on television, then leftovers before bed.  Rather than sitting on the couch eating and watching a football game all day, get your family outside to play a backyard football game before or after the big game. The fresh air and movement will get your blood flowing and add activity into a day that is stereotypically filled with sedentary activities.

If football is not your forte, add a quick walk around the neighborhood to the Thanksgiving Day schedule. Or take a trip into downtown and give a self guided walking tour. Whatever you do, it is the best to get up and get moving!

Don't Try To Be Perfect

Nobody is perfect, and you will create extra stress and tension by trying to be perfect.  Family and friends will never know if you forgot to place an ornament on the tree, or left the ribbons off of a package.  Holidays should be about spending time with loved ones, rather than trying to impress them with the perfect decorations or gifts.

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People will notice if you start missing regular activities and events because you are so busy with holiday preparations. Even worse, by neglecting healthy lifestyle choices, you risk getting sick.  Illness would certainly derail your perfect holiday plans.

To avoid this, remember to take time to relax, eat healthy meals and snacks, and exercise. Don't cut out your regular fitness routines, like trips to the gym or yoga class.  Becoming so bogged down in holiday preparations that you forget to take care of yourself will be counterproductive to your holiday planning. Stress can be physically degrading, but you can avoid its negative effects by making a conscious effort to take care of yourself.

Make a Schedule and Stick To It

Prioritize your wants and needs for the holidays.  If you plan to go to ten parties, you will find yourself stressed and anxious ten times.  You'd be better off to attend two or three really special parties.  

If you are throwing a party, make it a casual party that keeps the reason for the season in focus. Invite friends and family to come by with covered dishes and have a simple get together. This keeps the focus on friends and family and you not stressed out over preparing everything for a party.

Shopping during the holidays is enough to give anybody a headache.  Make a list of the most important items to buy, and schedule a few short shopping trips on the least crowded days. The deals on Black Friday are not worth the hassle if it makes you crazy to fight the crowds. If you know you need to purchase specific items, start months ahead of time. Use gift wrapping and mailing services to allow yourself more time with your family. 

By planning ahead, prioritizing your wants and needs, making time for healthy lifestyle choices, and scheduling important events, you can enjoy a family filled, stress free holiday season.  You are the greatest gift you can give your family. Take the time to take care of yourself so you can have many more holidays in the future.