Translate Healthy Weight Into a Stellar Posture

Translate Healthy Weight Into a Stellar PostureTransform Healthy Weight

Poor health and a high BMI have many profound impacts on children and adults alike. One of the more overlooked problems is that of posture. In fact, extra weight can have a very serious effect on posture that cannot be overlooked. Fortunately, improving your health and reducing your weight actually can help to correct your posture. Many people are now recognizing this reality and trying to achieve a healthy weight.

Elevated BMI Risks for Kids

Kids and young adults are growing and need to have healthy bodies. According to Australia's Curtin University, there are serious spinal changes that occur when there is excessive weight strain. This weight leans on the torso, spine and back, causing deformation over time. Children are then subject to illnesses such as hyperlordosis that are difficult to cure.

Serious Health Issue

Many people see fat as just a cosmetic issue, perhaps they will be less attractive or more prone to be bullied. In fact, the much greater concern is about health and achieving a healthy weight. The most likely illness is Type 2 Diabetes. This occurs due to elevated levels of sugars in the blood. It can severely impact the kidney and extremities like the feet and hands due to poor circulation.

Excess weight also leads to other diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease. In fact, it causes about 20% of cancer deaths for those over the age of 50. While improving posture is one benefit of shedding excess weight, avoiding these diseases is also crucially important.

Easing Everyday Movement

Those that achieve a healthy weight are able to ease the range and type of everyday movement that they engage in. They can walk up stairs, take a jog, do yoga, gymnastics and other sports. They can generally engage in all of the activities and events that they wish to without being held back by the need to sit down and rest while everyone else is participating.

Obesity also leads to depression (in about 58% of people). Obesity slows your lifestyle down and prevents you from going out and enjoying life, which in turn leads to increased weight and the cycle continues.

Posture and Health

A recent study noted that children that are overweight have much worse posture and get praxis as well. This leads to even more issues with obesity. In fact, the study which covered 34 students aged 6 to 12, found a number of issues. Those with increased weight also had poor eye-foot coordination and dissociation of the upper limbs and the lower limbs. Fortunately, improving posture and healthy weight goes hand in hand, with one leading to the other. It also helps to improve coordination, resulting in the ability to continue improving health.

Standing Desks

One of the best ways to create a healthy posture for both kids and adults is to utilize a standing desk. This type of furniture enable you to stand up straight while you are at work or studying. Standing desks also support an active lifestyle by providing a flexible work area. They create an active lifestyle that creates movement and energy throughout the day. Studies have shown that standing desks lead to a healthier weight and better posture, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

The Benefits of Standing Desks