Best Christmas Holiday Break Gift Ideas for Teachers

Best Christmas Holiday Break Gift Ideas for TeachersHoliday Break Gift Ideas for Teachers

Once upon a time, during the holidays, a teacher's desk was littered with clumsily wrapped gifts, new pens, home-made fudge and cookies, and the occasional high-end gift item. Children gathered around eagerly awaiting as the teacher peeled the wrappings and from each precious offering, oohing and ahhing over the tokens of appreciation from her students. Inevitably, one child sits alone at a desk, where he feels left out because his family cannot afford a gift for the teacher.

Because well-meaning officials want no child to feel this embarrassment and ostracization, in many schools, teacher gifts are banned. But the gifts still trickle in. Here are some gift ideas for teachers that leave no child out!

Group Gift Idea

One solution to this holiday conundrum is a group gift. When one family takes the lead to collect money for a teacher gift, a wonderful way for parents and kids alike to say "thank you", a gift can be from everyone. Each child can sign a single holiday card or better yet, each child can make his own.

Card Tree

A card tree can stand in the classroom for children to hang the cards on. On the last day of school before winter break, the teacher can read each card and open her group gift, to the delight of all.

When the card tree is set up, provide card paper, markers, glitter pens, stencils, stickers, and colored pencils for the children to use in making their cards for the teacher. When the card is finished and signed, place it an envelope and seal it. Then, using an old fashioned spring-type clothes pin (which can be painted gold or silver beforehand,) attach the cards to the tree. When the last day of school arrives, the tree will be filled with beautiful heartfelt cards from boys and girls. And best of all each child can participate!

Classroom Donations 

A parent takes on the task of emailing the other parents of the students in the classroom to ask for donations towards a large teacher gift that is presented to the teacher from the whole class. No one has to know who did or did not donate. If a teacher has expressed an interest in something particular for her classroom, such as a standing desk or standing desk converters to transform their old traditional teacher desk, then your problem is solved by providing this best Christmas gift for teachers!

Ask for a Wish List

Other classroom gift ideas for teachers are obtained by asking the teacher to make a wish list, with items listed from a low dollar range to a higher price. This way you are assured of providing a gift that will delight her and add to the enrichment of the classroom environment.

Gift giving is one way we learn how to share with others. Providing children an inclusive way to do so helps them to learn and grow in emotional intelligence, an essential growth process.

Be creative for your gift ideas for teachers! There are so many ways to give without causing children to feel left out. Share your gift ideas with us in the comments or on social media. We would love to hear from you!