Healthy Holiday Fitness Tips for the Great Outdoors

Healthy Holiday Fitness Tips for the Great OutdoorsHoliday Fitness Tips for the Outdoors

  • Cooler weather doesn’t have to keep you and the kids inside. Keep health at the forefront with these healthy holiday fitness tips for the great outdoors. Whether you have snow outside or not, you’ll find something to love about these enjoyable and healthy holiday fitness tips.

1. Move Your Standing Desk Outside for a Makeshift Outdoor Classroom

Kids love to play teacher and students, and you can make the game more fun by setting up a make believe classroom in the backyard with your standing desk. The kids can take turns playing teacher, and the class can be all about biology, nature, or animals. 'Students' can be assigned to walk around discovering things in the backyard, or looking for items as 'homework'.

2. Build a Backyard Ice Skating Rink

Your kids can ice skate unsupervised without you worrying about the ice breaking over a lake when you build your own backyard skating rink. Just set up some 2 x 4 lumber panels on frozen ground to make the border. Then fill the 'rink' with water - the shallower you make it, the faster the water will freeze. By the next morning, it should be all set to use. If the surface gets roughened up after use, smooth it out with another thin layer of water. This holiday winter activity will last for weeks or even months, until the water thaws. 

3. Set Up Roller Skate Soccer on the Driveway

If you live in a climate that doesn’t freeze, why not let the kids take over the driveway for an afternoon? Set up two goal areas – one at either end of the driveway. The two teams have to wear roller skates while trying to get a play ball into the opponent’s goal. This game will be so much fun, the kids won’t even feel like they’re exercising.

4. Play Backyard Quiz Games

Kids love to show off how smart they are by answering quiz questions. Set up the standing desk outside, and have kids take turns being the moderator at the standing desk who asks quiz questions of the other kids. The winner gets to be the moderator for the next round, while the other kids have to run a lap around the yard before the next round begins.

5. Take the Kids Sledding

Sledding is a favorite pastime that’s been around for hundreds of years. This holiday fitness tip is easy whether you have snow or not. For snow sledding, bundle up and bring the kids to the local sledding hill. For areas without snow, bring large flattened cardboard boxes that the kids can use to slide down a grassy hill. Make it more fun by encouraging the kids to compete to see who can reach the bottom fastest. This exhilarating outdoor exercise includes the kids’ walking back up in order to slide down again. 

The less time your kids spend passively sitting around, the healthier they’ll be. These healthy holiday fitness tips for the great outdoors will help to keep your kids physically active, even when the weather gets cold. Read more Indoor Holiday Fitness Tips Here!