Indoor Holiday Fitness Tips for Kids Over Break

Fun Indoor Holiday Fitness Tips for Kids Over Holiday BreakFun Holiday Fitness Tips

When the colder months hit, it’s all too easy for kids to stay inside throughout day, lounging while they watch movies, play video games, and browse the internet. Instead of writing these cold months off as a fitness loss, why not explore ways to keep your kids moving—whether that’s through traditional indoor activities or something a little more outside of the box?

Here are just a few holiday fitness tips to consider...

‘Fun-ified’ Exercise Plans

Sure, there are plenty of good exercise plans out there that a person can do on a small patch of carpet, but are your kids going to do it? You don’t want them to resent exercise, after all. Instead of putting them through their paces like show horses, challenge them so they’ll do movements on their own. You might tell them to use their imaginations in interesting ways or use dares to get them to do difficult physical tasks - so long as they’re not dangerous!

Games, Puzzles, and Creative Tasks

Traditional indoor activities need not be stationary if you add a standing desk to the equation. Not only is standing healthier than sitting for prolonged periods of time, it makes it far more natural for your child to shuffle and move their body without really thinking about it. Drawing, board games, video games, browsing the internet - all these can be done at a standing desk to add just a bit more motion to the day.

Safe Stunts

Whether it’s two-person balancing tricks, crab walk races, juggling, or other silly stunts, our holiday fitness tips revolve around getting kids of any age excited about moving around indoors. Just make sure you set good limits and get anything breakable out of the way in advance!

Indoor Games

Hide and seek, dodgeball with foam balls, plus any number of other sports with soft alternatives replacing hard balls can keep your kids moving without turning your living room into too much of a warzone. Bowling rubber balls at empty plastic bottles or having ‘snowball’ fights with cotton balls can be great makeshift activities, even if you don’t have ready-made indoor games like foosball, air hockey, or ping pong.

Computers and Video Games

We’ve talked about using standing desks for these two activities before, which is of course an excellent idea, but there’s another way enterprising parents can use these tools to keep their kids active. Motion-controlled games have been on the rise rapidly since the release of the Wii several years ago, as have more immersive VR solutions. They can be quite a bit pricier to get set up than a simple standing desk, but they provide a lot of fun and movement once you do.

Evening Walk with the Family with a Reward

Of course, keeping cooped up ALL the time isn’t a great idea, even if sending your kids out into the cold alone is a bad one. Instead, plan a daily activity that gets the entire family out and about to move and exercise. It’s okay if it’s frigid outside, so long as everyone sticks together and bundles up. You can have a nice cup of cocoa when you get home!

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