The Simple Secret on How to Improve Concentration and Focus

The Simple Secret on How to Improve Concentration and FocusHow to Improve Concentration and Focus

Thinking through how to improve concentration and focus in the classroom can seem a little counterproductive, right? Thankfully we have done the thinking and research for you and found an exciting solution that has been proven to help throughout the day! 

Let's say, for example, students could enhance their ability to concentrate and focus by 10-15% in the classroom. What if their grades improved by 10-15%? Could they get into a better college with a 10-15% increase in standardized test scores? How much would schools improve if teachers found a secret to helping students spend 10-15% more time engaged in learning? Over the course of a 180-day school year that's adding at least 18 days of learning.

The Secret on How to Improve Concentration and Focus

What's the secret? It's not some miracle potion. It doesn't involve brain surgery, and it’s not even a 10 step process...

It's called standing.

A study from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health concludes that students who use standing desks are more engaged and more productive than those who use traditional seated desks--12% more productive, according to preliminary results.

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Standing desks or standing-based desks combine raised work surfaces with stools that allow students or office workers the option of standing or sitting as they work. In addition to the direct benefits of improved concentration with standing, a standing desk alleviates the adverse health effects of inactivity. Better health is also a key contributor to improved concentration and focus. Standing throughout the school day burns 15% more calories than sitting the entire day.

How to Improve Concentration and Focus for Adults

Better Focus. One nearly universal observation in the study is that standing creates a sense of urgency, which leads to improved concentration and focus.

  • Higher Energy Levels. Standing eliminated the late afternoon crash and the droopy eyes that sometimes accompany sitting all day. Students can stay alert and focused throughout the day on the lesson at hand instead of drifting into a daydream or even a nap at their desks. 
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The bottom line is students are more engaged and focused on a task when they have the freedom to stand up. This is something we've realized for years at VARIDESK Education. Learn more about how to improve concentration and focus with standing desks here.

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