Improving the Workplace Infrastructure to Encourage Activity

Improving the Workplace Infrastructure to Encourage ActivityImproving the Workplace Infrastructure

We all feel it the minute we step into a room. It's called energy. Is it stuffy or relaxed? Rigid or flexible?  Whether consciously or not, how an office or work space is arranged can affect our moods, negatively or positively impacting productivity. Because of this, it is important to improve the workplace for a comfortable, workable environment that promotes creativity and forward thinking.

Room to Breathe, Room to Think

Have you ever walked into a crowded office area and thought, "How relaxing?" Probably not. Often, the mere sight can foster feelings of agitation and stress, inhibiting work output. So, what's the solution?


Clearing out the clutter and adding a little more space can do wonders for workplace dispositions, as well as promoting more activity among employees. One method for creating space is to reduce the amount of machinery by centralizing main hardware such as copiers and printers. Not only will this cut down on costs, but it boosts communication and fitness as well.

Another way to reorganize space is to create a variety of collaboration areas. Use technology to get employees away from the desk and working together. Foster friendly teamwork, build solid relationships, and boost results to improve the workplace. In addition, incorporating a variety of furniture like standing desks and exercise balls encourages a more active environment.

Walk Your Way to Productivity

If you have ever been stuck in a meeting, you may have found yourself daydreaming out the window more than a couple of times. After all, warm sun and fresh air is more inviting than bland walls and stiff chairs. Next time you plan for a meeting, forget the conference room and take it outdoors.

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Walking meetings provide a fresh alternative to a stuffy office setting. Not convinced? A study on the benefits of walking found creativity among participants boosted 5.25%, while engagement improved by 8.5%. Though the numbers aren't significant alone, the culmination of improved employee retention and cognitive engagement produces positive results, with next to no cost to the employer. How does it work? When you get moving, your brain relaxes and enters a diffused mode of thinking, where ideas are free to roam, connections can be made, and creativity blossoms.

Office Standing Desks

It is important to note, however, that walking meetings may not always be the preferred choice. Some people may be unable to participate, while some meetings may require a more traditional setting. These exceptions aside, adding more active aspects is a great step toward improving the workplace.

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As an alternative, you could have standing meetings. Dedicate one of your conference rooms to be standing only - no seating. This allows for quick and efficient meetings with increased blood flow to the brain and body for increased collaboration.

We Just Wanna Have Fun

What may seem like a no-brainer for improving the workplace is a simple solution, and it has an even simpler name. This revolutionary campaign is known as the fun theory, and its sole aim is to put a stop to laziness through promoting better behavior in fun ways. Using this method, even the most mundane responsibilities can be turned into a rewarding activity. After all, if research backs it up, why not mix in a little fun?

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Encouraging productivity and providing an enjoyable environment can be accomplished simply by the arrangement of a work area. By tossing the clutter and optimizing room potential, employee cognitive engagement and physical fitness can both be increased. It's time to let go of rigid office spaces and embrace a freer flowing environment. Because, let's be honest: we all need a little space from time to time.