VARIDESK Education Boosted Learning Culture with Fitness

blog_3-21-17Stand2Learn Boosted Learning Culture with Fitneff.jpegHow to Implement a Learning Culture

Great classroom management can be a challenge for even the most experienced teachers. Keeping students focused is increasingly difficult, especially in a world of technology-driven youngsters where attention spans are decreasing. This is causing teachers to be more innovative and capture the minds of youth. Innovative classrooms have begun utilizing methods of kinesthetic retention to create a learning culture that naturally increases on-task classroom behavior and student focus.

Our Recent Partnership

VARIDESK Education recently partnered with Fitness to enhance the learning culture of classrooms in Westmount Charter School in Calgary. The impressive results “stand” for themselves.

One of the biggest and most impressive improvements that occurred as a result of implementing the use of VARIDESK Education desks is that it gave students the element of choice in their classroom. Typically, students are expected to sit and absorb information while following a set of firm classroom expectations. A general school day involves students spending most of their time sitting still in stationary desks. Movement is often limited to the changing of classes, especially for older students.

By giving students back a little bit of power, the power to choose whether to sit or stand, teachers are seeing a beneficial increase in students’ ability to focus. Students who have the opportunity to change positions and to move during their lessons, to work collaboratively, and to assess the best environment for various tasks, are able to open avenues of increased learning and retention.

When students have the freedom of choice, teachers can expect to see increased productivity and engagement. By changing the environment, teachers are changing the learning culture drastically. What used to seem like a boring lesson, can suddenly seem much more interesting to a child when their line of sight, location or position has changed.

The Benefits Did Not Stop

Another notable benefit of incorporating VARIDESK Education’s sit-stand desks into the classrooms at Westmount Charter School was the opportunity to allow students to utilize their muscles, thus contributing to kinesthetic learning opportunities. According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,  research indicates that kids who are physically active will retain more academically and part of this may be related to muscle memory. By allowing the option of standing, students become less fidgety and more likely to focus on lessons.

Today, most neuroscientists agree that movement and cognition are powerfully connected. Aside from improving on-task behavior and reducing classroom management challenges, it just seems natural to add physical activities to a classroom repertoire. As research continues to explore how movement increases the brain's readiness and ability to retain information, teachers are willing to try new techniques to assist students on the way to learning. VARIDESK Education desks are definitely shaping the learning culture in a positive way for today’s children.

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