Learning in Motion: Track Your Progress and Reach Success

Learning in Motion: Track Your Progress and Reach SuccessLearning in Motion!

In a world that is as busy as ours, it is interesting how much sitting we do during the day. Odds are you are sitting while reading this article. We sit in cars to get places, a majority of students sit all day, we sit to eat meals, and countless other tasks demand we sit.

However, the body was not meant to operate this way. The idea of learning in motion is a process of learning about and caring for your body to enhance your mental output. It's a belief backed by research from Stanford University, which states that even short bursts of exercise charge our brains for innovative thinking. Establishing a value on health within a school is a great way to find even greater success.

Learning From Success

Companies that have made health a top priority attest to its vital benefits. A review by Health Fitness Revolution discovered that companies who encouraged healthy living lost less time to employee sick days and experienced a decrease in turnover rates. In addition to this, learning in motion boosted employees' energy, attitude, and productivity.  

How to Curate a Healthy Environment

One of the key steps to creating a healthy work environment is finding a tool for employees to track their fitness. Experts agree that tracking your progress is an essential component of reaching your goals. Tracking allows you to see the little milestones you hit over the course of your journey. This keeps you motivated rather than forming feelings of helplessness.

Mobile Apps

Fitness tracking apps are easy, often free solutions to help you chart your progress. Using these apps, you can track your calorie intake, effective workout routines, and goal achievement. Many popular apps (such as LoseIt! and MyFitnessPal) also offer partner features, allowing office mates to share tips and encourage each other. As coworkers become health partners, office teamwork increases tenfold. Exercise truly transforms into learning in motion.


The second step in leveling your office's fitness game is investing in a professional service like FitBit. By using FitBit, you cater a health plan that's not only personalized for each employee, but fits the needs of your entire office. Learning in motion becomes a group effort while maximizing individual progress. With a large variety of tracking devices and a network of health specialists, your office takes an even bigger step towards mental and physical well-being.

Health Incentive Programs

The final step for optimal learning in motion is adopting a health incentive program. Using information gathered through surveys and FitBit results, you can create a way to turn app interactions into real-life face time. Building a membership program with a local gym, for example, provides employees an easy solution for exercise meet-ups. The key is furthering your team mentality by making those interactions as easy as possible.

Healthy, happy employees makes for a happy, productive workplace. Your investment in employee health is an investment into your most precious asset. Keep your company's creative output moving by gathering the team to do the same.

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