A Makerspace Initiative Paving the Way to Success!

A Makerspace Initiative Paving the Way to Success!The Makerspace Initiative

Schools have always served as pillars of society, a constant for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, many of the traditions have kept schools from revolutionizing the classroom. The traditional classroom setting of students sitting at their individual desks, teacher presenting in the front, and the type of learning this encourages, has stood the test of time, but it's time something else stands - the students!

VARIDESK Education is paving the way to success with a makerspace initiative, which challenges the traditional classroom setting by taking students out of their desks and allowing them to thrive in their own unique learning style. The VARIDESK Education mission integrates perfectly with the new, modern education style and is leading the industry in creating these environments in classrooms. Here are the ways this initiative can impact classrooms and the benefits a makerspace environment creates for our students.

Integrating the Maker Culture

Creating a maker in every student requires room for a different level of encouragement, engagement, and motivation. Standing desks provide just this by shaking up the way a student is positioned to learn.

  • Encouraging movement throughout the day for students gives them a much more refreshed and alert outlook, making them ready to take on the next challenge, rather than zoning out in their chair. In a standing environment, students are given the opportunity to interact and collaborate with their peers. These daily habits increase their level of productivity. Since standing desks can be easily pushed together to make a larger workstation, students develop a team mentality and fosters a higher level of engagement.
  • When students feel valued in their input, they are more motivated to want to continue learning. With VARIDESK Education’s standing desks, the teacher becomes a co-creator, a mentor, and even networker to help students build connections with classmates and develop leadership skills for the future. 
  • Reaching Their Potential  

The VARIDESK Education Makerspace Initiative focuses on preparing students for their future by giving them success in the classroom that can translate into their lives as adults. When students are free in their movement and developed as individuals, the opportunity for real-life learning processes are made prevalent.

Students are all makers, and when given the opportunity to reflect, learn from mistakes, apply, remake, share, and engage, they can become masters!

VARIDESK Education shows through their want to create a maker culture in schools that traditional classroom settings are a thing of the past. Allowing and supporting our students to learn in a positive, creativity-centered environment will shape the makers of the future. So let's get our students on their feet, stand for the makerspace initiative, and create positive changes in this pillar of society!

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