Making a Daily Difference with the Betty Maddalena Foundation

Making a Daily Difference with the Betty Maddalena FoundationMaking a Daily Difference

The Betty Maddalena Foundation was formed in 2011, in honor of the beloved Betty Maddalena upon her passing from cancer. Betty was the Director of Special Services in West Orange, NJ, and although her time with the school district was short, she made a great and lasting impact on all the students and teachers. 

Betty was known for her giving heart and willingness to serve. The Betty Maddalena Foundation created a slogan with the first four letters of her name "Make A Difference Daily". The Foundation seeks to carry on Betty's legacy by giving and supporting others. One of the ways this organization is seeking to support the community is through the promotion of healthier living

Pursuing Well Rounded Health Habits

With the pursuit of healthy living, The Foundation donated 63 VARIDESK Education desks to the West Orange School District. The desks, totaling $14,000, promote healthier ways to learn. Studies show that sitting all day slows blood circulation and keeps muscles from burning fat. It also causes foggy memory and processing, because blood circulation brings oxygen to the brain. When the brain lacks oxygen, brain functioning slows down. To cut down on these harmful effects, VARIDESK Education has dedicated their research and products to reinvigorating the traditional classroom setting with standing desks, enabling increased learning for students. 

West Orange teachers have already commented on the impact that VARIDESK Education has had. Some teachers say it has completely transformed the classroom environment!

A Legacy Transcending Time

The legacy of Betty lives on, with cheerful giving and a joyful heart. Her tireless effort to make everyone’s life better is the core value of The Betty Maddalena Foundation. The organization will continue fostering her legacy and improving the lives of those it touches. VARIDESK Education is honored to be a part of this outreach by improving the lives of students through standing classrooms

If you are an organization that is interested in donating standing desks to your local schools, please contact us for more information.  There are also many ways to raise grants and fundraising for new school furniture. Join our blog to stay up to date on the latest research and funding ideas. 

The Benefits of Standing Desks