Improving Your Work Environment with Office Morale Boosters

Improving Your Work Environment with Office Morale BoostersImprove Your Work Environment

No matter how much people like their jobs, doing the same thing every day gets dull if the work environment never changes or isn't challenging enough. Empower your team with some of these ideas for office morale boosters that will get you ready and excited for the next company project.

Focus on Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation, like bonuses or raises, are only effective in the short-term. To really motivate your team and give your work environment a boost, you have to give your team something to believe in, not just a competitive goal. By engaging in behaviors or activities that provide intrinsic motivation, you can increase trust and loyalty, and encourage enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. This will increase office morale and create a more willing workforce. 

Improve Morale

 Similar to creating intrinsic motivation, morale improves when people feel as though they're part of something bigger. This is a big key when creating office morale boosters. If they have something to work towards, such as a large long-term goals and several short-term goals, they have an incentive to keep working, and you create an environment of mutual encouragement because everyone feels connected by these external goals. 

Encourage Participation 

Collaborative events that pull everyone together are excellent office morale boosters. And these don't have to be solely work related. Sign your team up for a group sport, or a 5k run. Anything that is fun and gets each member playing a role and feeling included. Volunteering in the community is another great idea, because it gives your team an external benefit, the knowledge that their work helps more than just themselves.

Engage in Friendly Competitions

Holding an office-wide cook-off, bake-off, or office field day is a great way to bring everyone together. Through friendly competition, employees learn teamwork and get a chance to see everyone's strengths outside of the job they do every day. As a bonus, competition teaches each member of a team to aim for a specific goal, and visualize a strategy to reach this goal. Even creating a group exercise goal within the office can be a great way to reach goals, get the whole office moving, and get to know other people in the office. Succeeding in this effort can boost office morale and teach them that a goal is something to work towards and something that is satisfying once it's been achieved. This is a great incentive for any office goal, and will generate more productivity.

Make Meetings Something to Look Forward To

Meetings are usually something that employees dread. They tend to be dull or unproductive, and employees leave believing that their time was wasted in said meeting. This makes it more difficult for them to get back to work with enthusiasm or focus, and you lose office productivity.

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Another way to create office morale boosters is to make meetings something people enjoy. Bring food, or set aside time to hear everyone's thoughts on a topic. Before or after the meeting, do a short team-building exercise or try easy group yoga. Take the meeting outside on a nice day to change your meeting environment and get some fresh air. As well, if the group is small enough and all members are willing, hold a walking meeting and take a stroll around the block or a nearby park. These activities can relax the group, and make them more willing to listen during the meeting and more excited to get back to work afterward.

Whether you choose from all of these suggestions or think of your own, remember to mix things up in the office at least once a week. Doing virtually the same tasks every day is dull and can deteriorate your work environment. But by boosting office morale you can create a work environment that everyone enjoys.

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