Embrace an Open-Door Policy to Improve Collaboration

Embrace an Open-Door Policy to Improve CollaborationEmbrace the Open-Door Policy

"Come on in and shut the door." Whether it was a teacher, parent, or boss, we have all probably heard these words. The very phrase, "behind closed doors" speaks of secrecy.

A closed office door will keep you detached from your team, and potentially cause you to miss out on some game-changing ideas. Is it time to break down the doors and promote an open-door policy with your team?

Collaborative office space

A collaborative office space creates an instant open-door policy. With 38% of workers finding that there is not enough collaboration in the office, opening up the office to a free exchange of ideas will promote productivity.

With managers and employees working side by side, creativity is enhanced by a collective of minds working together, and shared responsibility encourages personal accountability.  Collaborative office space also encourages new employees to find their groove within the team dynamic more quickly.

Benefits of open-door policy

If you embrace a collaborative office space and the open-door approach that goes with it, you create a new atmosphere that impacts the whole team. Employees that were once partitioned now feel part of a cohesive team and emotionally connected to your organization's shared, common goals.

When an employee does not have to cross barriers to speak to management, information, concerns, problems, and ideas flow freely. When issues arise, it is more natural, not just physically but emotionally for an employee to approach a member of management that shares a common workspace.

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The most effective managers are approachable, accessible and therefore, well informed of their team's morale. How many excellent ideas have gone unsaid because the boss was unapproachable or inaccessible? How many problems or issues were exacerbated because a lack of open communication kept them from being addressed promptly? How many employees failed to realize their potential because there wasn't a way to reach management?

A simple way to create space in an office is to have everyone sharing a common work area and include “touchdown” areas. These are areas in an office space that are not a meeting room or someone's desk but a place that individuals can quickly and informally gather around to collaborate on a project together. An easy way to integrate this into your current office would be to add a dual standing desk that several employees can convene around.

Fostering teamwork

A lot has been written lately about the advantages of coaching/mentoring vs. managing. A collaborative office space is a great first step to creating this beneficial dynamic. No longer will you be a manager, alone in his/her office boasting about having an open-door with no barriers.

Instead, you will be the team leader, actively engaging, and motivating your team toward new heights. Through your work and contribution, you'll model the group's vision, keep your team on task and collaboratively work toward shared goals. Most importantly, you will be available to offer critical feedback and encouragement, a proven management tool for improve morale and productivity.

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There is no downside to turning your "open-door policy" into a free-flowing, creativity fostering, communication barrier crushing, collaborative office space. If your current office set-up is ready for a shake-up and your team wants to reach its true potential, VARIDESK Education is happy to help you make it happen.


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