School Fundraisers for New VARIDESK Education Standing Desks

School Fundraisers for New Stand2Learn Standing DesksIdeas for School Fundraisers

Your school administrators or classroom teachers know that not all children work well in a traditional school desk. They understand that research supports standing desks for many reasons including health benefits, learning style accommodations, and ease of access for some children with disabilities.  But, school funds are limited, and the ability to obtain funds for new and innovative classroom tools, furniture, and equipment is non-existent.

What can you do to make sure your students and their classmates have access to standing desks?

Fundraising helps parents and teachers alike to secure these great additions to the classroom learning environment. 

There are many traditional fundraisers that schools do annually including magazine sales, gift-wrap sales, book sales and school carnivals. Here is a new idea to help your school raise needed funds for VARIDESK Education desks.

Try these unusual and fun Fundraisers:

Kiss a Pig

What better way to raise money for your school fundraiser, then by bringing immense joys to all the students? Set a monetary goal for each classroom to raise, and when the classroom hits their targeted amount within the set deadline, the teacher must kiss a pig!

You can arrange with a local farm to bring in some cute little piglets to the school for this event. Send out a newsletter or email to all the parents/ school supporters about your goals and event time. We guarantee that not only will the students fight hard to meet their fundraising goals, but the parents will not want to miss this as well. Use the hype to educate the entire school and community about the purpose behind standing desks.

P.S. Don’t forget to send us pictures of the “Kiss a Pig” event!

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Take Advantage of Group and Sporting Events

Partner with your athletic department to allow the students to work the concession stand, and earn a profit from the sales throughout the season. Not only will the extra help boost sales for the concession, but parents will be much more likely to purchase when they know the money is directly helping their student’s education.

Bonus: With all the health benefits to standing desks, gaining new stand up seating for the classrooms will directly help the student athletes with better test scores and continuous aerobic exercise. Your Athletic department will end up thanking you for more than just a boost in bottled water sales!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

The cookies and gift cards are nice, but what better way to honor your teachers then with organizing a school wide group effort to raise money for new VARIDESK Education desks? Research shows that standing desks improve classroom management and increase engaged learning time. Your teacher will feel appreciated, and students will be thanking you for years to come.

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Put On a Fun Event!

Students are always looking for fun and unique things to do with their friends, and parents are always looking for a way to get more involved in their kid’s lives. Try putting on a fun afterschool fundraiser like a movie night. Have each person pay $5 at the door, allow parents and kids to bring blankets and snacks and set up in the gym. Use a large projector to reflect a family friendly movie up on the wall, and sit back and relax. Who says school fundraising can’t be enjoyable?

For more ideas on fundraising for VARIDESK Education desks contact us today. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback as well. Tell us in the comment section how you plan to raise funds for new standing desks!