Simple Fundraising Ideas That Encourage Community Involvement

Simple Fundraising Ideas That Encourage Community InvolvementRally Community Support With These Simple Fundraising Ideas 

It is easy to talk about and show others the quantifiable benefits of standing desks; whether it's improved BMI, cognitive function, academic achievement, classroom engagement, or collaboration studies have shown that standing desks are a great addition to any classroom. What is not quite as easy to talk about is where the money to buy these standing desks is going to come from.

Many schools are unable to provide the funds to purchase these desks outright, so the responsibility of raising funds often falls on parents and community members. While it might seem like a hefty task, a lack of funds doesn't have to be a roadblock on the path to classrooms full of standing desks, especially if you can get the entire community on your side. Here are five simple fundraising ideas that encourage community involvement.

1. Sponsorship

Local businesses often have a passion for helping their community, and value the visibility that comes through donations. Ask a business to donate a classroom of standing desks to your school, and make them feel special by presenting the donor with some type of plaque or award. Many businesses love to display their commitment to the community, and could proudly show this plaque in their place of business. For extra visibility, do a nice write up in the school newsletter or website thanking the business for their generosity.

2. Krispy Kreme

Yes, it isn't the healthiest option, but if the end goal is supporting classrooms full of children, we think eating a few donuts for a good cause is noble enough! Krispy Kreme has a fantastic fundraising package that allows schools to raise money without having to provide any out-of-pocket money from the get-go.

Another plus? Donuts practically sell themselves! Download the Free Slide Deck/Ebook

3. 5k Runs

Runs are a great opportunity because they help not only the students getting benefits from their new standing desks, but also the community by providing a great excuse to get outside and exercise! Another bonus is that a 5k, being a large public event, would be an excellent way to expose a large amount of community members to the idea of standing desks. Education is half the battle!

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4. Donors Choose is a great website allows people to donate money to classrooms, based on teachers that pick what their students need the most. Teachers can add standing desks to their wish list through School Specialty, and then anyone can donate money to the cause. The great benefit of this method is that it requires very little setup and is very flexible - anyone and everyone can easily donate from their computer.

We hope that these ideas give you some options on where to focus your fundraising efforts, and that you can utilize these methods to rally the community's support! If you have any questions on stand up desks or would like some more help on getting your fundraising effort started, please feel free to contact us. We are passionate about helping kids stand up, and getting standing desks in every classroom!