Where to Find Standing Desk Grants for Schools

Where to Find Standing Desk Grants for Schools

Finding Standing Desk Grants for Schools 

There are many reasons why standing desks are the new answer for the health problems surrounding this millennium's children. The purpose of this article will be to outline some of the benefits of getting our children standing in their classrooms, as well as how and where to find standing desk grants for schools. 

It has been proven that sitting for long periods of time not only affects posture by creating more rounded shoulder-blades and weakening the back muscles; it can also compress the spine causing back pain and discomfort later in life. Our bodies are meant to be upright, moving, and rarely stagnant in one place for long periods of time, yet putting our children in classrooms where they must sit for hours on end every single day makes that movement that they need impossible.

Young children are even more negatively affected by this, as their growing bodies form they are forced to spend a large chunk of their lives sitting in a desk, wiggling to get outside. Not only does this lack of movement reshape their bodies, making them less apt to be active and weakening their muscles, it also shapes their automatic actions outside of school. If a child has been sitting for five hours out of every day, five days of the week since they were five years old, they will be programmed to continue sitting at the television, the video game console, or the computer for the rest of the day.

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We Can't Take This Sitting Down

This is where standing desks come in. Standing desks will encourage children to be active during the school day, and remain active for the rest of the day. Their bodies will form correctly as they are no longer cooped up in a hunched, sitting position, but rather in a standing form, free to wiggle and move as children should. This will cause less taxation to the spine and improve core strength as children learn to stand up straighter and not slump in their desks.

Standing will also provide a naturally greater calorie burn as they can move and stretch more freely. Standing desks will be revolutionary in combating rising obesity rates as children will be encouraged to remain in an active state, rather than a resting state, for a good portion of the day. Standing and walking has also been proven to improve creativity and learning capacity as it allows a freer flow of blood to the brain. What parent wouldn't approve of their child learning better and getting more activity on a day-to-day basis?

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Help Bring This Type of Change to Students

To gain funding for getting these standing desks in schools, it will be important for parents to take initiative for their children's health at school and work for the grants to allow schools to be able to afford these desks. Some options for how to do this include:

1. Finding a grant writer to submit the official documents necessary. Local colleges may have students with this ability; it is also possible to submit ads online to places like Craigslist for people to accomplish this for your school.

2. Creating a Parent-Teacher Organization or an Education Foundation in your school in order to raise money from other parents with their children's well-being in mind. If your school does not have these already, this is a great opportunity to bring together your community and create one dedicated team to raise money for standing desks.

3. Local businesses are many times willing to contribute to school foundations, especially if it means increased exposure to their products.

There are many more options of ways to get funding for your children's health and education by way of standing desks, contact us for more information today!

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