Why the Health Benefits of Standing Desks for Schools are Crucial

Why the Health Benefits of Standing Desks for Schools are CrucialStanding Desks Benefits in Schools

Students standing at podiums or behind standing desks at school have an advantage over students who choose to sit. Sitting confines a person to one location, and restricts their physical and mental ability to think or function outside of their normal limitations. When students can move around freely, they are more likely to be creative.

VARIDESK Education understands the importance of unrestricted mobility, free thought, and increased productivity in the classroom. Allowing students to move and work create happier, healthier and smarter children. Standing benefits your health by providing continuous aerobic exercise, aids in lower BMI, and decreases sedentary habits.

Standing Desks Benefits Help Put an End to Unhealthy Sedentary Living

These sedentary habits can easily become an unhealthy part of a child’s life, and can lead to long-term health problems as they approach adulthood. Researchers believe that the right standing desk is equivalent to five miles of physical movement per week, without running track or going to the gym. The researchers also suggest that standing desks aid in metabolic increase and calorie burning, which mimic light exercise. 
The overall goal is to get parents, teachers and students to see the health benefits of standing desks for schools over sitting.
The Benefits of Standing Desks


One doctor associated with Mayo Clinic stated that sitting for long periods of time will increase glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity. The greatest weight gain is found around the waist and thigh areas, which some people find difficult to lose. Research has linked cardiovascular disease and cancer with excessive sitting, and suggests that people who spend hours sitting should get up and move around as often as possible.

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The standing desk works like a treadmill in some instances, but without the belt and friction. Students standing behind their desk can gain an increase in energy, and an increase in their metabolism. In a traditional classroom, students are expected to sit for five hours or longer without standing. While teachers want to maintain control of the classroom, they fail to realize the seriousness of prolonged sitting.

Students Gain Confidence, Increased Memory, and Improved Behavior

Smart students are thinkers, and they must be able to “think on their feet”. Thinkers are less likely to create problems in the classroom, and often become better learners and effective leaders. The standing desk health benefits for schools allow students to stretch their legs while they are working on an important project. This exercises their arms and legs and keep their blood circulating throughout the day, eliminating stiffness and fatigue. Just think about how much more productive students can be when they no longer have to fight falling asleep!

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