How the Long Term Benefits of a Standing Office Justify Cost

How the Long Term Benefits of a Standing Office Justify Cost

Benefits of a Standing Office

The initial cost of a stand-up workstation is pale in comparison to the costs a company will pay for deciding to go without a stand-friendly layout. It's sort of like paying to go to the dentist or getting a gym membership. The upfront costs can seem daunting, but in the long run, the costs of going without are far more discouraging.

Encouraging Productivity 

In fact, a standing office should be the first priority for business owners who want their employees to be as productive and healthy as possible. Standing desks improve employee productivity by increasing their energy and mood levels. In one 7-week study done by Journey Well, participants reported far less stress and fatigue than employees that remained seated throughout the day. Those who stood more throughout the workday were 45% more productive than those who remained sitting. And if you think these high productivity levels won't last long, you'll be surprised to learn that the productivity of the stand-up desk users significantly increased over time, from 23% in the first month to 53% over the next six months.

Promoting Mental Health

There have been plenty of other studies done that have shown that prolonged sitting also increases both anxiety and depression. Mental health issues are a leading cause of employee resignment, so standing offices will also reduce the number of employees who take off time or quit their jobs entirely due to mental health issues.

Multiple Health Benefits 

Not only does opting in on this layout increase the productivity of employees and help them remain mentally healthy and stable, it also decreases their chances of getting sick and forming deathly illnesses that are costly to the employer. Studies have shown that standing  reduces the risk of heart disease and lower blood sugar levels. These offices even reduce back pain, which is one of the most common complaints among office workers.

Increasing Collaboration 

All health benefits aside, the benefits of increased collaboration amongst employees is enough reason to opt in on this new and improved layout. Standing during meetings and other collaborative efforts has shown to help employees become more involved, less territorial, and more likely to work well together as a team. When employees are already standing, they're more likely to talk face-to-face with someone about an issue, concern, or idea instead of sending an email. This increases productivity and helps employees come up with more innovative ideas together as a team.

An Incentive and A Return On Investment 

Companies spend copious amounts of money on training employees, giving them bonuses, and recognizing them with gift cards and certificates of achievement. While those are all encouraging and important incentives, many businesses fail to implement the most important, long-lasting, and beneficial design layout; the standing office. The many physical health, mental health, and productivity benefits have proven time and time again to far outweigh the initial cost of implementation. In the long run, the growth of the company because of it's healthy and thriving employees will make up for the initial costs tenfold.

So, the next time you think about buying an expensive incentive that won't have lasting results, consider implementing a standing office for your employees and see the benefits for many years to come.

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