Stand Up & Take Charge of your Workday by Staying Active

Stand Up & Take Charge of your Workday by Staying ActiveStaying Active to Stay Ahead

A majority of workers are occupied in positions that require significant hours behind a desk starting at a computer screen. With reports due, deadlines, and endless meetings, it can be difficult to find time to take a break or go for a walk. The solution to staying active despite traditional office conditions is standing: using a stand up desk while at work provides increased health benefits to all employees while improving office productivity.

An Endless Cycle

Most American workers spend several hours each day sitting in cars during commutes, sitting at desks during the day, and then sitting on the couch after a hard day at work. This endless cycle of sitting is detrimental to our health, as inactive lifestyles are a leading cause of preventable illness and premature death. In fact, nearly 70% of all health care costs are spent on treating preventable conditions. Preventable conditions caused by sitting too long include high cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even some cancers.

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Implementing creative strategies to stay active at work, like standing desks, decrease the amount of inactivity and lead to healthier employees overall. Standing for short periods throughout the day - about 10 minutes each hour - can significantly reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions. Healthier employees who stay active will be happier, more productive, and produce greater results.

Don't Lose 8 Hours in the Work Day

Not only does a sedentary lifestyle have negative impacts on individual health, but it also limits productivity as focus is lost after sitting for long periods of time. Studies have found that there is a direct correlation between activity levels and productivity levels: employees who stand and take multiple short breaks throughout the day have greater levels of productivity and focus.

Taking advantage of tools like standing desks enables employees to structure their day in order to meet individual needs of staying active. Alternating between sitting and standing increases mental focus, reduces exhaustion, and increases overall mental and physical wellbeing.

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Research has shown that individuals with stand up desks benefit from frequently changing positions between sitting and standing, as staying active mitigates serious health conditions caused by consistent sitting. The healthiest individuals alternate between sitting and standing in order to constantly stay active. Employees who are healthier are more present at work, take fewer sick days, and promote a more positive work environment.

Structuring the day to maximize both health and productivity does not have to be a burden: staying active throughout the long work day is a proven key to success. Having the ability to stand up throughout the day significantly improves the physical work conditions that lead to serious, yet preventable, illness. Healthier people are happier people, and the secret to better health is simply make the choice to stay active. 

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