Ring in the Season Without Stress in the Workplace

Ring in the Season Without Stress in the Workplace

Avoid Extra Stress in the Workplace

Thanksgiving has just passed and the 2017 holiday season is alive and well upon us. Along with that holiday season comes more stress in the workplace. Trying to balance family commitments, parties, celebrations, shopping for gifts, writing out cards, shopping for special gatherings/meals, and the workload at the office leaves people more stressed than any other time of year. Sometimes it feels like the stress in the workplace will never end.

As Richard Bedrosian, director of the Behavioral Health for Wellness & Prevention Inc. has stated: "Tis the season to be tired, cranky, bloated and broke. Holiday stress can overwhelm people in some of the same ways as job stress, so individuals may experience a double whammy as these life stresses compound one another."

A study by the staffing company Accutemps showed that 44% of executives surveyed cited that productivity dropped off the week before the holidays. A good part of this, most believe, is from holiday burnout.  

However, the good news is that there are ways that everyone can come together in the workplace to help manage stress for everyone. Some of the following are some great tips to help everyone work together to manage stress in the workplace during the holiday season:

Allow Some Flexibility In Scheduling

Of course, everyone has to come to work and do their jobs, but providing a little bit of flexibility will help lower the stress levels of employees. Allowing someone to leave an hour early to attend a child's school holiday performance or letting someone sleep in an extra hour after a holiday party if they still get their work done can really provide employees a boost in morale and can help kick stress.

54% of workers have said that flexibility in scheduling would help their lives be a little less hectic this time of year, and 26% requested telecommuting when possible. Occasional telecommuting into work is really a great option as long as work can get done that way. It's not a free-for-all of course, but a little bit of flexibility will likely help employees work better and they will be appreciative.

Show Compassion & Gratitude For Your Employee's Efforts

When employees go above and beyond or do everything that is expected of them, be sure to let them know you appreciate it. An extra simple "Thank you" or a "Great work today everyone!" can really help lift the employee's morale and let them know that their hard work never goes unappreciated.

Increase Social Factors

If possible, set projects that require social factors to be done before the holidays. The holidays are marked by a factor of increased socialization, so allowing employees to work together in a more "relaxed", yet productive environment can benefit everyone and allow the productivity and morale to stay high.

Keep It Jolly & Productive

Help keep the mood light and festive to ensure that employees are not working in a hostile or pressured environment that may otherwise derail productivity or employee morale.

So, remember to allow everyone a little bit of leeway, be kind to your employees, and keep stress in the workplace to a minimum during this already stressful season, and they will likely return the favor for you!

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