The Students of Today, Will Be Our Leaders of Tomorrow

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The children populating the nation's classrooms at this moment will, in twenty-five years, be standing and giving arguments in the nation's courtrooms, standing to give a health diagnosis to a concerned patient, standing to salute the nation's flag as they begin their days serving the country, or numerous other tasks based on what they learn in the classroom right now. In short, students who sit today, will stand as tomorrow's leaders. This begs the question, "why shouldn't they be standing now?"

It's not the least bit farfetched to assume that the more active the learning environment, the more active the mind of the student will be, and in turn, the more they will learn about the chosen topic. With the recent reduction in recess times and physical activity opportunities for students across the nation, the pressure has never been greater to stimulate student’s minds enough to keep their attention.

VARIDESK Education specializes in providing students with desks that allow them to stand while they learn. This allows improved blood circulation, increased heart rate, and more importantly, combats the temptation to drift away into a video game-fueled fantasy about things other than the classroom. In addition to the health benefits, standing desks offer students the opportunity to become adapted to being on their feet, being ready to be active when necessary, and to experience an activity level that they may not get at home, and has never been experienced in an academic setting. 

Increased Communication

In addition to the positive aspects of being more physically active, the additional activity of the classroom will foster an environment which enhances communication. Enhanced communication builds confidence in the student and their ability to speak publicly, as well as the understanding that what they have to say is valued by their peers. Tomorrow''s leaders must have the ability to lead, and leadership is conceived the second a person realizes that what they communicate can influence someone else.

Embodied Cognition

Recently, researchers at Columbia University discovered that putting children in a  position to act out the concepts they learn, actually enhances their ability to transform concepts which were previously locked in a box of the abstract, into concepts which are tangible. This is because of their ability to act out the motions during the learning experience. In other words, by being able to embody the movement that enables students to gain a greater understanding of the subject, their level of cognition increases. 

 Building Confidence and Independence

Confidence and independence are pivotal in the development of a strong adult with adequate coping mechanisms in place to navigate the often difficult waters of life. Everything from negotiations, to cooperation with peers, subordinates, and supervisors, to planning in the context of accomplishing goals, is impacted by the level of confidence and independence of the person in question.  

Confidence comes from knowing what you know, and also knowing what you don't know. The greater the invitation to communicate, and the greater the level of understanding, the more confident the student becomes in the subject matter, and the more independently the student can operate.

In summary, the next generation of leadership will be shaped by today's learning. Today's learning is largely shaped by the environment in which the learning takes place, and VARIDESK Education is committed to helping the educators of today shape the leaders of tomorrow by helping them learn as much as they can through the active classroom.

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