Converting to a Standing Workstation Doesn't Have To Hurt

Converting to a Standing Workstation Doesn't Have To HurtConverting Your Workstation

The look and feel of offices are changing as technology evolves. When was the last time you saw a typewriter and a phone connected to a landline on someone's desk? How many workers are still using CPUs rather than laptops?

Today's offices are still about doing business with other people, so we need them. But we no longer need desks that sit low to the ground so that all of our equipment can reach the outlet nearby. Most of us are using laptops, tablets, and cell phones for the bulk of our work. Many offices have gone paperless or rely less on paper than they used to.

There is less need for a bulky desk that holds important files and forms at the ready. For those times that we need to recharge a device, there are even sofas and chairs with outlets built right into them!

Why VARIDESK Education?

Standing workstations have been shown to improve health and productivity in workers and students by getting them moving and relieving back pain. With our modern devices, we can stand up to use them, but what about the cost? We get it! Schools have limited funding. Businesses have already spent thousands of dollars on furniture that is still in great shape. Architects did not design your space with tall desks in mind. VARIDESK Education wants to make this as painless as possible so that you can start reaping the benefits of standing now.

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Start Small! 

Converting to a standing workstation doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. You don’t have to convert your entire office or classroom all at once. Take a look around and start prioritizing. Often times, there is an area that would benefit from a station of standing desks.

Maybe it's where people from different parts of the company come together for a quick meeting or to sign papers. Maybe it's where people who typically work from home or on the road come in for some face to face time with their coworkers. Maybe it's where students working on a group project come together to work out their plans. Figure out what area needs this the most then convert it to a standing-friendly area.

Reach Out! 

There are options for conversion, whether you jump in all at once or take it bit by bit. Many desks can be raised rather than replaced. These standing desk converters will hold a lot of weight and allow you to keep the furniture you already love. Perhaps you want to convert all of your workstations to desks designed for standing but are concerned about the money.

Companies like Arizona Office Liquidators and Design will resell your used office furniture for you. We know that sometimes people need to sit too. Couple a standing desk with a tall chair and a footrest, and your students or employees will be on the road to better work habits.

Reap the benefits of standing workstations and start converting your office or classroom today.

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